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Becci Ellis in Sunday Times

Here are some of my pictures of Becci Ellis as used front page and inside of today’s Sunday Times Driving section. Becci suffered relatively minor injuries after crashing her motorcycle at 254mph. Already the fastest woman on two wheels with her record breaking 264.1mph Becci was trying to go even faster on her specially designed (by husband Mick) turbocharged 650bhp Suzuki. It took quite a battering and Mick is now in the process of salvaging parts for a new machine as cracks have formed in the original chassis. Remarkably all of this is done by a small team of volunteers in a garage workshop in Gunness just outside Scunthorpe. Air ambulance paramedics cut her from otherwise lightly damaged leathers. Thanks to their Kevlar lining she escaped with just a broken ankle and some internal bleeding around the ribs. She has vowed to be back in the saddle as soon as she recovers.




The remains of her bike and the Kevlar leathers cut head to toe by the paramedics, below.