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Case study in The Times

A bread and butter case study this for The Times Money pages. This gentleman had a problem with his energy supplier helping themselves to his bank account via Direct Debit after billing him incorrectly for a period of time. I include it here because despite not being the most fascinating of assignment to a press […]

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Sunday Times Business

This job for the Sunday Times used in Business yesterday is a neat example of how press photographers work day in, day out. Especially with a sunday paper there is a huge amount of content not directly news related. Anyone walking to the newsagents and carrying the Sunday Times home knows just how much there […]

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Blakeney in The Times

The Times used my photograph of Blakeney in Norfolk yesterday to illustrate a story on how the recent floods have changed the landscape of some well known British coastal spots. My image was taken using a 85mm f1.8 lens at its widest aperture to create a very shallow depth of field and a slightly ethereal […]

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Tony Benn

I was sad to hear of the death of Tony Benn as I had the pleasure of photographing him “one to one” for The Times quite a few times – four or five I think. When his passing was announced I started tracking the pictures down and here are some I found. One of them […]

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Winter Olympics retouching for The Times

©Copyright Marc Aspland/The Times   The Times Sport Photographer Marc Aspland is busy working hard in Sochi. On Sunday he called me to ask if I could produce a multiple exposure montage of Team GB’s snowboard slopestyler Billy Morgan for the next day’s paper. I did two versions, the first using all 25 frames Marc […]

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