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Moto Hero Guy Martin

French magazine Moto Heroes has used some of my pictures of Guy Martin well in their latest issue. (What a brilliant magazine. If only I understood French). For those unfamiliar with Guy he is a Lincolnshire born and apparently fearless motorcycle racer. A quick search on youtube of him competing in the Isle of Man TT gives some idea of his talent and tenacity when astride a bike. He has also presented a number of TV documentaries including one on BBC1 spent renovating a narrow boat. He still has a day job as a lorry mechanic, one of the many things fans find endearing. He’s a thoroughly genial chap and good fun to be around and photograph. He lives locally so the shot shown here was done in my studio in Caistor. The other was taken across the road from my studio for The Times at midnight whilst trying not to awaken nearby residents. Locals will recognise the passage next to Sandhams Wine Merchant. For photo-nerds, the red glow is from a second flash with a gel and the smoke was created using plumber’s smoke pellets.

©copyright image Michael Powell