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Night Bus

While I was waiting on the rooftop at Brettenham House (Camelot’s office) by Waterloo Bridge for six massive glowing inflatable balls to appear on the Thames (see blog post below), I took this shot of a London night bus crossing Westminster Bridge towards Parliament at 2.05am. Really pushed my luck with this one. Shot info: Canon EOS 5D Mark 11, 300mm f2.8L lens, 4000 ISO, 1/40th sec at f2.8 using my new Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod. I could go on and on here about high ISOs, noise and the benefits of shooting in RAW. However, what I find interesting about this is how well it shows the optical phenomenon of increased depth of field the further away the subject is. Here we can see that virtually everything from front to back is in focus despite using a long telephoto lens at its widest aperture. Hungerford Bridge in the foreground to apartments beyond Vauxhall Bridge in the background are all sharp, a distance of about two miles.