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Kellingley Colliery 1965-2015

Kellingley Colliery 1965-2015 On this day in 1965 Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire began production. When it closed in 2015 it had become the last deep coal mine in Britain. Just before its closure I spent a day photographing it for The Sunday Times. I have now added a gallery of the pictures to my website. Please click here to see them. I visited the site again recently with the hope of photographing what remained but sadly the answer is nothing. The two shafts have been capped leaving millions of pounds worth of specialist equipment deep underground forever. All the buildings including the offices and bath house have been demolished. However the memorial to the 17 workers who died at Kellingley Colliery 1965-2015 was saved and resisted to the National Coal Mine Museum for England.


Coal bound for Drax Power Station falls into a pile.


Bathman, Pete Armstrong.


Lampman Mark Bainbridge with Garforth safety lights used to detect methane underground.


Geotech Engineer, Dave Moore in the canteen.

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Sunday Times Best Places For Business – Nottingham

I recently worked on the Sunday Times Best Places For Business supplement featuring my Nottingham corporate photography. Our case study was Olly Betts and his team at OpenWrks who specialise in the technology behind open banking in the Accelerate Places offices. OpenWrks lets customers share data with businesses so they can improve their products and services. It is backed by Blenheim Chalcot.

This style of Nottingham corporate photography relies on producing an image with enough impact to lift a feature otherwise heavy in detailed text. Many young tech based businesses have less formal work environments and a young workforce so a relaxed shot is often called for. Here I found a stack of colourfully branded boxes to use as props. I shot with two brolly flashes using a slow shutter speed which consequently kept the the background from going too dark by retaining some ambient light. There was just enough room in the office (after moving some furniture) to use a long lens to knock  some of the background distractions out of focus.


Co-Founder of OpenWrks, Olly Betts (third from left) with some of the staff in the Accelerate Places offices in Nottingham. ©Michael Powell


Co-Founder of OpenWrks, Olly Betts (fourth from left) with some of the staff in the Accelerate Places offices in Nottingham.

Co-Founder of OpenWrks, Olly Betts (fourth from left) with some of the staff in the Accelerate Places offices in Nottingham. ©Michael Powell


I photographed Olly Betts in that very same office some years ago, again for The Sunday Times. His team was much smaller back then and as you can see, he had to multi-task.

Co-Founder of OpenWrks, Olly Betts in the Accelerate Places offices in Nottingham.

Co-Founder of OpenWrks, Olly Betts in the Accelerate Places offices in Nottingham. ©Michael Powell









York wedding photographer shoots ceremony in time-lapse

See a York wedding photographer shoot a ceremony in time-lapse in this short video by Michael Powell.

Here’s something a little different. I have always prided myself on not being a slow photographer, particularly at weddings but here’s an entire wedding ceremony presented in just one and a half minutes. I have done these time-lapse weddings a number of times over the years but there’s rarely a really good place to mount a camera. This wonderful church that hosted Roz & Michael’s wedding had a balcony view where I clamped the camera to a flexible tripod on the back of a chair. The camera was then secured again by a lanyard just in case it became loose or was knocked. This also keeps my mind at rest when I’m working at the other end of the church. On this video you can see me at the top left working from behind a column near the altar. I have included a slower version at the bottom of the page for the benefit of guests who may be able to pick themselves out a bit more easily.

The music here is by Brendan Perkins, the talented bassist in our rock group, The Zimmer Band.

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Brussels sprout recipe

Brussels sprout recipe by Rachel Green here with. If you still can’t get enough sprouts after a Christmas sprout extravaganza then take a look at this superb recipe styled by Rachel with food photography by Michael Powell (me). Here Rachel created Brussels sprout and Pancetta kebabs with honey mustard dip. I’ll be posting more of these recipe cards by Elsoms in the coming weeks. As ever I can vouch for this dish as I ate most of it after we had the shots in the can. If you would like a higher quality pdf version of this Brussels sprout recipe send me an email from the contact link at the top of the page or from here.


Brussels sprouts recipe photography by Michael Powell /


Brussel sprout & pancetta kebabs woth honey mustard dip





Co-op Christmas


Co-op Christmas food to order brochure now available with cover imagery by Michael Powell and food styling by Rachel Green. Visitors to Lincolnshire Co-op stores will see point of sale displays and brochures featuring my pictures of a Christmas turkey lunch and an Uncle Henry’s ham. Orders can be collected and paid for in store on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December.

Christmas themed food photography is such a frequent commission for Rachel and I that my box of Christmas decorations and props is always stored closest to the loft hatch so I don’t have to root around looking for it. We shot this Christmas food just a few weeks ago but we have photographed fully decorated trees and roasted turkeys in front of log fires on hot summer days on many occasions. Sharp eyed oenophiles may recognise the distinctively shaped bottle of Miraval Rose. The winery is co-owned by Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and very nice it is too.


Roast Turkey Christmas lunch

Roast Turkey Christmas lunch shot by Michael Powell for Co-op    ©


The locally sourced turkey here is locally sourced and the Uncle Henry’s Honey Glazed Ham is from their own Hampshire breed pigs reared at Grayingham in Lincolnshire. They are fed on cereal crops also grown there. Meat is prepared on site and smoked and cured in the traditional way.


Uncle Henry

Uncle Henry’s Ham photographed by Michael Powell for Co-op    ©