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Food Photographer of the Year Finalist

I have been selected as a finalist in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards! This is particularly pleasing as I was a judge last year and know how much goes into the selection process. Even more exciting, my son Ollie is also a finalist in one of the Under 18 sections. Good work Ols! I can’t show the pictures chosen yet as there is an embargo in place. More news to come after the reception at Mall Galleries, London on 23rd April where I shall be either celebrating or crying into my Taittinger sponsored champagne. Tough work!

The Full Monty……almost

Lincoln Editorial Photographer


Here is a portrait I took recently for The Sunday Times of Director and Actor Daniel Evans. Daniel is directing the nationwide theatre tour of “The Full Monty” which kicked-off at The Lyceum Sheffield. I set my lights up in advance and had the idea to use the massive floods at the back of the stage. These are used at the end of the play when the guys strip-off. The lighting technician started on minimum and I kept shouting “higher, higher”. “THAT’S 20000 WATTS!” he replied as we hit maximum. I imagined Mr Scott pleading with Kirk on the bridge that the “dilithium crystals cannae take no more captain” and I think the lights dimmed in Rotherham. My Elinchrom flash heads still coped though. The Full Monty….almost? Well, I couldn’t really ask him to strip off for The Sunday Times. It was VERY warm up there though.

Natalie & Ryan’s Lincolnshire Wolds Wedding

Now the new-fangled blog is in action I have some catching up to do. Natalie & Ryan were married in my village church and had their reception on the family farm at a beautiful spot in the Lincolnshire Wolds. I had a look around the farm the week before and discovered loads of interesting locations including a barn and a lake. The eagle-eyed will notice Ryan wearing a different suit in a few shots. That’s because a couple of months after the wedding, whilst out running about 20 miles away, I crossed an old style manned level crossing and pondered it as a place to return to to take portraits. Anyway, they gamely got dressed-up again to produce some interesting and different shots. Here is a slideshow of some of my favourites from both days.

The blog is back!

Hello everyone. The blog is back! For reasons too dull to go into I have migrated from Blogger to Word Press. Lots to learn so there are bound to be some stumbles and changes along the way so this first post is really just a test for me to get the hang of it. Here is a picture .


Ice crystals on standard rose