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Shed of the year

Here are two of the contenders I photographed for Shed of the Year sponsored by Cuprinol and commissioned by Imagewise. The first (below) is Ilona Richard’s entry in the Budget category made entirely from reclaimed materials and decorated with her own craftwork created at her table and chairs in the shed itself. Ilona rescued most of the raw materials from skips. She even created the dazzling hanging heart sculpture you can see on the left hand side from discarded aluminium cans. Nice to see this used well in the papers including The Guardian and Daily Telegraph.


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Next is Stephen’s Pub, a remarkable shed / bar that includes tables made from old beer barrels, hand pumps, beer mats, hundreds of 45’s and CDs as ceiling decoration and over 1000 beer fronts. He can’t sell beer though as he is unlicensed. I had to decline his offer of a pint as I was driving so of course couldn’t get…. shedded. Other entries in the competition include sheds on wheels, shed villages, glamorous work sheds, summerhouses and even a nuclear bunker. For more Shed of the Year contenders in a Guardian photo gallery go here. To keep an eye on the overall winners announcement go here.