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York wedding photographer shoots ceremony in time-lapse

See a York wedding photographer shoot a ceremony in time-lapse in this short video by Michael Powell.

Here’s something a little different. I have always prided myself on not being a slow photographer, particularly at weddings but here’s an entire wedding ceremony presented in just one and a half minutes. I have done these time-lapse weddings a number of times over the years but there’s rarely a really good place to mount a camera. This wonderful church that hosted Roz & Michael’s wedding had a balcony view where I clamped the camera to a flexible tripod on the back of a chair. The camera was then secured again by a lanyard just in case it became loose or was knocked. This also keeps my mind at rest when I’m working at the other end of the church. On this video you can see me at the top left working from behind a column near the altar. I have included a slower version at the bottom of the page for the benefit of guests who may be able to pick themselves out a bit more easily.

The music here is by Brendan Perkins, the talented bassist in our rock group, The Zimmer Band.

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