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A bit of creative wedding photography here and a good one for those in need of photography tuition. I’ve always enjoyed shooting silhouettes and unusually, here is one shot inside that doesn’t feature a window. It’s something I’m often asked about when doing one-to-one photography tuition. There’s a real knack to them and many photographers fail by expecting the camera to shoot exactly what the eye sees. You need good strong shapes, good exposure technique and awareness of what the camera can faithfully record. This one was shot at Sarah & Adam Gayfer’s wedding in Lincolnshire. I used a very wide aperture on a 85mm lens to isolate their features from the background while still managing to read the word ‘love’. I’m particularly pleased the way the ‘v’ of the ‘v’ draws the eye straight to their faces. For more creative wedding photography go here. For a photography tuition session go here.

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